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Idolatrous Desire for Design


Why ChairWhore

I have a design addiction, ChairWhore is the forum for that collection of select vintage treasures.  The name is meant to evoke the voyeuristic structure of shop, while reclaiming space as a reversal of taboo. Breaking the narrow confines of "tasteful" design, I playfully accept my own attraction to color, and a closeted desire for more.

Etymologically Whore has a Germanic root meaning "to like, or desire” also from Latin “dear, beloved, expensive, and affection"  

With a background in Architecture and Exhibition Design, and a lifelong vintage habit, I select by instinct, focusing on whatever unusual, boisterous, classic, sexy, colorful, or inspiring object that I just can't live without.  This site is meant to give access to that passion, as well as an excess of chairs.


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